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Don't suffer in silence

According to recent research by the VHI, Irish people are still very disinclined to talk about fertility.

The reality is that with problems conceiving, it is usually due to a combination of factors.

e.g. sperm quality issues due to nutrient deficiencies, along with hormonal imbalance in the female due to stress and lack of sleep, coupled with a history of UTI's etc.. etc..

People tend to feel shame and guilt when it comes to fertility issues, yet probably wouldn't feel the same away about any other health condition e.g. heart disease, diabetes, asthma

How many people casually talk about their cholesterol levels and statin medication, when a cardiovascular problem could actually kill them, yet those same people wouldn't dream of talking about the fact they've been trying for over a year to conceive and are wondering what to do next?

Perhaps it stems from this widely held belief that conception is 'the most natural thing in the world' and if we need help with THAT, well then clearly we must be a 'lesser' person than our contemporaries.

Well, breastfeeding is completely 'natural' and yet we know how many women struggle with it.

Never be afraid to ask for help when it comes to something as important as your health and wellbeing, as well as the health of your potential, future child.

You only have to go to the online fertility forums to know how many people are out there, dealing with the exact same frustrations and unknowns as you are.

I have consulted with women who have freely admitted that they were comforting and supporting a friend after her recent miscarriage or unsuccessful IVF treatment, yet wouldn't confide that they too were also going through the same issues.

Equally, I have dealt with plenty of men who would sooner talk about every detail of their sex life, than admit they had too few sperm for conception to occur.

Don't let worrying about fertility issues weigh you down. Talk to a professional who has seen it all before and can offer you the proper guidance and advice on what steps to take next.

VHI research

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