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Fertility issues  //


Unexplained Infertility - research has shown that in over 80% of cases, male factor fertility issues were found to be the root cause...........more 


Recurrent Miscarriage - latest research has found that up to 25% of miscarriages could be prevented by lifestyle changes alone......... more


Secondary Infertility - While frustrating, it's more common then you may think. Thorough investigation of your Endocrinology would be advised........ more

Acupuncture for Reproductive Health  //

Preparation for Conception- Acupuncture may be used to help regulate your menstrual cycle or deal with the symptoms of Endometriosis/PCOS to make conception more likely  ......... more


IVF- Pre & Post transfer treatments- has been shown to almost double the chances of successful implantation...........more 


Natural Induction of Labour - electro-acupuncture is a safe and effective method to stimulate the onset of contractions without the use of medication....... more

News //
TEDx Dun Laoghaire 2019

It was an honour to be selected for the recent TEDx Dun Laoghaire event.

 My talk was entitled 'Infertility-the hidden struggle', 

Click here to view the full talk. 



Conceiving naturally over 40 

Yes it is possible to conceive naturally over 40! In this article two of my patients were interviewed, who had conceived naturally over 40 after following the bespoke protocols I had outlined for them. 

For the full article, click here.





The Guilt Free Gourmet //


This book was inspired by my patient's requests for healthy recipes that didn't compromise on taste.


We should be able to enjoy our food while also improving our health, the two should not have to be mutually exclusive.I don't recommend extreme detox diets, counting points or calories, just a modern take on traditional recipes using alternative, nutritious ingredients to improve overall health and fertility.


For more on how diet can affect reproductive health, click here to see my interview on Ireland AM last year, discussing the best foods for fertility and pregnancy and how to recover from miscarriage.


Click the image below for the my latest interview, on superfoods to enjoy during each stage of pregnancy. 

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