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Nutrition for a healthy pregnancy


The scientific evidence is very clear on the importance of optimal nutrition during pregnancy. We now know that the dietary choices a women makes during her pregnancy can permanently alter the gene expression of her child, thus influencing that child's propensity for illness or disease as an adult. 


There is an abundance of well-meaning advice available to women on the internet and in pregnancy nutrition books, but much of it is conflicting and may leave you feeling more confused than when you started. 


Individualised advice is crucial because no two pregnancies are alike and when you become pregnant you bring your entire life's worth of medical history with you. Pre-existing health conditions or new conditions that come up during the pregnancy, as well as complications with any previous pregnancies should all be thoroughly evaluated to ensure that you are able to take the appropriate preventative measures for your own well-being and that of your baby.


A tailored diet and lifestyle plan will be created for you, taking you through each stage in your pregnancy. Supplements may be recommended to make up for any deficits in your diet, especially if you have suffered with poor appetite due to nausea during the early stages of your pregnancy. 


It is never too late to make these changes. Even if you are already far along in your pregnancy a nutrition consultation can help prepare you for the challenges of labour and help ensure a speedy recovery during the post-natal period. This would be even more important if you are planning to conceive again within a year of delivery. 


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