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Unexplained Fertility Issues

What does a diagnosis of 'unexplained infertility' mean?


It refers to a couple (or individual) who are having trouble conceiving, even though the lab tests or internal investigations were considered to be normal and within range. 


Does this mean I can never get pregnant?


No it does not. In most cases, a couple with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility do go on to conceive, whether naturally or with the help of fertility treatment.


The term 'unexplained infertility' can be confusing. The term infertility, is not to be confused with 'sterility', which means pregnancy truly is not possible. This is an important distinction to make because receiving this diagnosis can leave you feeling utterly helpless and lacking in confidence about your ability to conceive at all.


The term 'unexplained' is also misleading because it implies that all possible avenues have been explored and no reason for the fertility issue could be found. In reality, this diagnosis may be given after only the basic tests have been performed. e.g. day 3 & 21 bloods, with internal investigations for the female and probably a semen analysis for the male.


There are more specific and specialised tests available that may be used to identify the root cause of your fertility issues to help you decide whether you should continue to try naturally or whether fertility treatment would be the next logical step in your case.


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