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Praise for the Guilt Free Gourmet

Skye Gyngell-Michelin Star Chef and food editor of Vogue magazine


“A lovely book full of recipes that are honest and wholesome, but most of all completely delicious! Jordan and I have cooked together many, many times and I for one can vouch for just how good he is - he has a care, passion and respect for ingredients that is second to none!”


Thomasina Miers-Owner of Wahaca Chain of Mexican Food Restaurants


"Jordan and Jessica's recipes prove that delicious food can also be healthy.  Stay greedy and throw away the diet books!  These recipes deliver great-tasting food that will be doing wonders for your body and mind."


Rachel Allen- TV Chef and Cookbook Author


“Jordan and Jessica’s gorgeous recipes are nutritious yet indulgent. They cleverly use healthier alternative ingredients and never compromise on flavour.” 


Reviews from


"This is a fantastic book if you need to avoid or cut down on sugar, wheat or dairy or need to cook for those who do, but above all it's a book full of the sort of things you want to cook and eat on a daily basis. Everything I've tried so far has been both full of flavour and and easy to prepare after a long day at work - the chicken with chorizo, romesco sauce and squash mash was a big hit, as was the korean bibimbap. Spend some time cooking with this book and you will make the switch to sugar, wheat and dairy free meals effortlessly."



"What can I say about this trove of delicious recipes - all of which are wheat, dairy and sugar free? Sounds too good to be true but honestly, I've made the Moroccan Orange Cake from the book and if that's a taster of what else can be achieved, then wow, it certainly gets top marks! My family and co-workers couldn't believe how tasty it was and it's so reassuring to know that for those of us who don't do dairy, wheat, can - with ease - rustle up grub that is delicious and nutritious without a side of anxiety.I can't wait to serve up some more dishes courtesy of The Guilt Free Gourmet!"


"I guess I should start by saying this is quite simply a beautiful book - the pictures are just exquisite !!The recipes are straight forward, original and most importantly mouthwatering. I am about to tuck into my first dish 'The beetroot burger' - with mustard mayo.. DELICIOUS. Overall an excellent purchase, I highly recommend this cook book."


"This book is beautifully produced and every single recipe has a photo of the finished dish. There are very few pages wasted on either annoying photos of the authors (as with celeb chef books) or useless ones of raw ingredients. So far I have produced the Spelt Bread on page 20 and the Beetroot Burgers on page 90. The bread was the easiest I've ever made and looked and tasted great; the burgers were a huge success also - unusual, but the best veggie burgers I've ever made.Since first posting this review I have now also made the butternut squash falafel - really good results."


"Well, as a family we just love this book. Fab recipes, some very different indeed. The chocolate non-cheesecake went down so well in the office 2 others bought the book!"


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