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Male factor fertility


Sub-optimal sperm health is a very common cause of fertility issues for couple's who are trying to conceive. 


While in the past it was assumed that the reproductive 'responsibility' lay firmly with the female, we now know that this is very much a shared role.


The ability of the sperm to swim (motility), the amount of available sperm (count), their shape (morphology) and most importantly, the quality of the DNA material carried within the head of the sperm, will directly influence how easily the man's partner will be able to get pregnant. 


Common factors that may affect the sperm include; 


Anatomical problems (e.g. Varicocele, Testicular cysts, trauma or injury to the testes)


Heat (e.g. hot baths, saunas, working as a chef in a hot kitchen, fever, tight underwear)


Radiation (e.g. laptop computers, keeping smartphone in trouser pocket, flying regularly)


Medication (e.g. steroids, statins, high doses of paracetomol, anti-depressants)


Drinking alcohol & smoking


Exercise (too much or too little is known to negatively impact sperm quality, cycling should be avoided due to the pressure placed on the perineum, which can reduce circulation to the testes)


Diet (e.g. more than one cup of coffee per day, high sugar, high saturated fat diet, low in anti-oxidants). 


Health conditions- e.g. auto-immune problems,  Haemochromatosis or Diabetes, Type 1 & 2


Environment- e.g. pesticides, xeno-oestrogens from plastic, pollution, toxic chemicals or heavy metals e.g. mercury


If you would like to book a fertility consultation to discuss testing options and action you may take to improve your sperm parameters, please click here. 







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"Nobody we spoke to at the fertility clinic had mentioned any relationship between diet or supplements and their impact on the production of good quality sperm. I had always considered my diet to be quite healthy but the consultation with Jessica opened my eyes to many of the deficiencies in modern diets due to the processing and refinement of food."

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