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Making sense of Miscarriage™

This 6 week program is the most comprehensive, evidence-based course available, to help you identify the key areas which could be contributing to your risk of getting and staying pregnant.


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Making sense of Miscarriage™ will help you to move away from the frustration and confusion of pregnancy loss or recurrent implantation failure, to gain complete clarity about the factors that could be raising your risk of miscarriage and know what actions you should take, in order to minimise that risk.


I can’t promise you a baby, (no one can) but I can give you a clear direction on what steps to take next, towards achieving your goal of a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy.


I’ve taken my 18 years of clinical experience and crammed that knowledge into a 6 week framework to help you ensure that no stone is left unturned in getting to the root cause of what could be raising your miscarriage risk.


In this program, you will be getting the best of both worlds, as you will learn how an integrated & functional medical approach to miscarriage can be a real game-changer when it comes to identifying YOUR root cause factors.


Plus you can feel safe in the knowledge that everything you are learning about is evidence-based!

Before we dive into the specifics of this ground-breaking program, let’s run through exactly who I created this course for.

Whether you’re…

  • Someone who has experienced a miscarriage for the first time and are scared of it happening again.


  • Over 40 and concerned about the higher statistical risk of pregnancy loss, so you would like to do everything possible to minimise that risk.


  • Dealing with chronic fertility issues and are terrified that once you eventually do get pregnant, you might lose your baby to miscarriage.


  • Coping with the huge disappointment of multiple rounds of unsuccessful IVF treatment, trying to understand why your embryos aren’t implanting and you’re grieving the loss of your ‘embabies’.


  • Are trying for your second or subsequent baby, but have suffered miscarriages and are starting to wonder if maybe ‘it isn’t meant to be’.


  • Struggling with recurrent miscarriage and have done everything your doctors have told you, but it still hasn’t made a difference, so you’re not sure how much more of this torment you can possibly handle…


  • Reeling from a later term pregnancy loss and you aren’t sure where to turn to for help.

I hear you and I see your pain

Before we go even one step further, I just want to pause for a second to acknowledge your loss. If no one else has said it to you, I’m sorry for what you have suffered.


I’m sorry for the loss of your baby-that-was-to-be.


I wish I could go back in time to change the outcome for you and save you that pain.


However, I also know that the pain you have experienced is what lets you know that your baby mattered & your baby was loved...even if no one else got the chance to meet them.


It’s a painful process and not one that can be rushed, so you need to allow yourself the time to grieve properly.


However, once you are ready to start trying again, it’s important to be feeling as confident as possible about your odds of success.


Not knowing what could be increasing your risk of miscarriage, is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute, it’s utterly terrifying. Knowledge is power, so I want to help give you back that feeling of autonomy.


Having the right information and even more importantly, knowing what to do with that information, is what can really make a massive difference to your odds of successfully carrying a pregnancy to term.


By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Complete clarity on the factors that are likely to be raising your risk of miscarriage.


  • The knowledge you need to advocate for the investigations you may require.


  • Learned how to interpret lab results & know when it’s time to ask for repeat testing or to request other investigations that may have never been suggested to you before.


  • Developed a clear understanding of both the medical and integrated approach to each of the main miscarriage risk factors.


  • Worked through the fear and anxiety that is stopping you from taking the next step towards a healthy pregnancy.

Dr Lyuda.png

“Patients who have attended Jessica Bourke for fertility investigations will receive proper care because she always puts their interests first. Jessica’s mission is to get to the heart of the problem and help her patients to get pregnant and stay pregnant”

Dr.Lyuda - Fertility consultant and lead doctor at UNQLife fertility clinic

Here’s something you may not be aware of…

16 years ago, I almost lost my daughter to miscarriage.


I had a bleed, was rushed in for an emergency scan and was lucky enough to see that a heartbeat was still there and going strong.


Every single day when I look at my daughter, I imagine what life might have been like if things had turned out differently.


That is why I am so passionate about this topic, as I never want anyone to suffer the agony of losing a much longed for baby.


I have also seen the way the health system operates and I know that we can do better. In fact, the system is in need of a complete overhaul, so that is why I created this course.


It’s my goal to fill in those knowledge gaps while ensuring that you feel supported throughout each stage of the process.


I can’t begin to tell you what a privilege it is to be able to support people during such a difficult time, and to witness their tentative optimism after conceiving, followed by the joy of finally welcoming their much yearned for baby into their lives.


I’d love the opportunity to help you change the ending to your story because you genuinely have far more control over this situation than you might think.

Making sense of Miscarriage™- January 2024

6 Monthly Payments

6 monthly payments of €197

Pay in full & save

1 payment of €997

Top tier 1-2-1 support

Includes MSOM program, plus full case review, consultation, bespoke recommendations

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What MSOM alumni are saying......

“MSOM is the best thing I can do for myself and our TTC journey. Insightful material, loving the meal plans & the Q&A’s were very inspiring”


“MSOM was brilliant - there’s so much high quality info that I can trust. I’m a super complex case but feel I still have things to investigate”

"I loved it all! The Q&A zoom calls were invaluable to be able to send question’s and learn from others too. Resource wise the test markers section was excellent!”


“Thanks for all the amazing information. It's really giving us space to stop and re-evaluate how we'd like to take a step back and prepare before ever considering doing any more IVF.”


“Hi Jessica, this weeks module has been a real eye opener, I have learnt so much this week that I am starting to realise I have lots of things out of balance and not just one!”


“Just want to let you know that I am really enjoying your course so far. You really are a lady with so much information and I feel way more relaxed after listening to your lessons and the questions.”


“Hi Jessica, I’ve read a lot of information on miscarriages in the past few years. I can hand on heart say I have learnt more in the last 3 weeks than in 3 years! Great course, thank you!”

"Finding it really helpful. There's quite a bit of stuff I already knew, but there are lots of 'connections' that I wasn't aware of! E.g. blood flow and immunity, and the relationships between hormones”

“It's so good to be getting lots of trustworthy information from one place - it's so overwhelming trying to link what you learn from doctors and what you find on the internet"

“The best part was the amount of varied information. I felt I had done a lot of research but it was nothing compared to MSOM.”

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside

Making sense of Miscarriage™

Introductory Module

Miscarriage - Breaking down the myths & misconceptions

Learn about the many different forms of pregnancy loss and why ‘bad luck’ actually has very little to do with it. Gain a deeper understanding of why the experience of miscarriage is still shrouded in so much mystery and taboo and why it most certainly is not your fault.

Module highlights

  • What’s really going on behind the statistics that say miscarriage risk increases with age.


  • The varying types of pregnancy loss, from very early to late trimester, and how they are typically addressed.


  • Overcoming the fear of trying to conceive again and getting in the right mindset for a future pregnancy.


  • A quick action checklist, in case you have just discovered that you are pregnant again.

Module 1 - Maximising your Egg Quality

We’re diving straight in the deep-end, to address your concerns about egg quality!


There is no doubt that this is an area that causes huge confusion and stress for people when trying to conceive, and so often we are told that ‘bad eggs’ are the cause of increased miscarriage risk, so learning what can be done to maximise your egg quality, will be covered in detail in this first module

Module highlights

  • The difference between chronological and biological ageing.


  • The mechanisms by which egg follicles are damaged and how to minimise this risk


  • Diet & lifestyle factors that have the biggest impact on egg quality.


  • Nutrients and medications which can influence how your eggs mature in preparation for ovulation/egg retrieval (aka folliculogenesis).


  • Health conditions that have been linked to poor egg quality & what you can do about it


  • The critical role of hormone balance in egg maturation & why this is an area that is commonly misunderstood.


  • The role of environmental factors and how egg development may be impacted.

Module 2 - Hormone Imbalance

We know how important hormones are to maximising your fertility potential and the odds of carrying a pregnancy to term, but we also know that hormone imbalance can be seriously confusing, so in this module I will bring you on a guided tour of the endocrine system, to help you figure out what might be going on with your hormones and whether this could be raising your risk of miscarriage.

Module highlights

  • What a healthy menstrual cycle should look like and how to spot changes that could increase your risk of pregnancy loss.


  • Understand the foundations of hormone balance, without needing a degree in biochemistry!


  • The impact of gynaecological health conditions such as PCOS and Endometriosis on your risk of miscarriage and what to do about it.


  • How to figure out YOUR root cause hormone issues and work to improve them with dietary & lifestyle modifications, combined with professional-grade supplements.

Module 3 - Healthy blood flow during pregnancy

Healthy, unimpeded blood flow is the lifeline to your baby while you are pregnant. If there are problems with the circulation of blood to the placenta, then the pregnancy could be at risk. Here is where we break down each of the known factors that could impede blood flow and discuss the steps that you may need to take, in order to mitigate that risk.

Module highlights

  • Understanding your genetics, family history and blood clotting risk


  • Nutrients and medications that are known to impact how your blood clots


  • Testing and treatment- what actions to take and when.

Module 4 - The internal environment

The uterus serves as the supportive ‘home’ to your baby for 40 weeks, so it’s vital to ensure that there is nothing amiss with the internal environment that could impact your odds of carrying a healthy pregnancy to term.

Module highlights

  • Structural differences within the uterus - let’s get clear on the difference between the various uterine malformations and which ones are most likely to impact your odds of having a healthy pregnancy.


  • Ectopic pregnancy risk factors & management


  • What the research says about the impact of growths within or around the uterus and what you can do to minimise your risk of regrowth (e.g. fibroids, polyps, cysts, endometriosis).


  • How the management of miscarriage can impact your risk of future pregnancy losses.

Module 5 - Your immune system - friend or foe?

In this important module we’ll be discussing the controversial area of reproductive immunology and the role it could be playing in your risk of miscarriage.


There is a complex interplay of immune markers that must take place within the endometrium if a healthy pregnancy is to be able to continue, so we’ll be breaking down the key factors that could be increasing your risk and learn the actions you can take to minimise that risk in the future.

Module highlights

  • How to address the root cause of immune disturbance (Hint…it’s not steroids!)


  • The link between gut function & your immune balance


  • Immune testing explained- from the most basic, to the most complex investigations. Learn which tests are likely to be of benefit in YOUR particular case.


  • Nutrients and medications that work best for immune issues.

  • The impact of secondary immune issues (e.g. Hashimotos) and complex fertility-specific immune issues on your risk of miscarriage.


  • *Bonus* Guest expert interview

Module 6 - Complex cases & the critical role of Sperm health

This is the module where all of the information you have received so far will really start to make sense, as we delve deeper into some of the more complex cases that I have dealt with over the years and the crucial pieces of information that made the difference to those clients success.


We will also be discussing sperm health in detail, because after all, it is contributing 50% of the DNA that will become your future baby!

Module highlights

  • The most common overlapping root causes, which you need to understand, in order to minimise the risk of miscarriage.


  • What causes sperm damage and what can be done about it.


  • Bringing it all together- getting a plan in place, so that you know the next steps to take towards a healthy pregnancy.

*Bonus* Guest expert interview

Here’s a summary of what’s included within
Making sense of Miscarriage™

Making Sense of Miscarriage™- (€1,997 value)

6 weeks of detailed video tutorials that you can watch whenever suits, on your tablet or smartphone.


Step-by-step information and support in the form of PDF’s and checklists to ensure that you stay on track and avoid any overwhelm.


6 weeks of delicious recipes & meal plans to support you in your recovery from pregnancy loss & to help you to prepare for conceiving again, with each recipe plan tailored to suit the module topic being covered that week.


You’ll be given access to one module per week, so there will be plenty of time to assimilate all of the information and make notes on any areas that you may wish to investigate further.


I do this to protect you from feeling overwhelmed and to ensure that you stay engaged with the process. Remember that pregnancy loss is rarely due to just one factor, there are usually multiple factors involved, so we don’t want to overlook anything that could put you at greater risk of another miscarriage in the future.

Plus, you’ll also receive these special bonuses to ensure that you feel properly supported at such a vulnerable time

6 weeks of Live Q & A sessions inside the Making Sense of Miscarriage™ private support group

Bonus 01

This is where you will get the chance to ask your questions about the module topic for that week and ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the content.


(€575 value)


What you’ll get:

6 weeks of live, 60 minutes recorded Zoom sessions which will be uploaded to your client portal to ensure that even if you can’t attend, you won’t miss anything important that was discussed.


A private & anonymous chat group so that you will feel supported by people who completely understand what you are going through.

A safe space to discuss your fears, your hopes and avoid the isolation that is so commonly felt by those who have suffered pregnancy loss.

Expert interviews

Bonus 02

I want you to benefit from other experts who have also dedicated themselves to helping their patients to have healthy pregnancies.


(€200 value)


What you’ll get:

This is where you will have the opportunity to learn from the doctor’s who are dealing with pregnancy loss cases every day, as we discuss new and emerging research and techniques in the area of miscarriage prevention.


Recorded zoom interviews for easy access on the go, so that you will be better able to advocate for yourself when attending your own consultant/clinic.


Each interview will have supporting PDF documents to break down the complex information we discussed, so you’ll have a handy ‘cheat-sheet’ that you can refer back to whenever you need it.

10% practitioner discount on professional-grade supplements


Taking care of your health and maximising your fertility potential can really add up, so as a Making Sense of Miscarriage™ member you will be able to avail of a 10% practitioner discount off of any professional-grade formulas that are discussed during the course.

What you’ll get:

Bonus 03

Access to a European supplier of professional grade formulas, so you won't need to worry about annoying customs tax due to Brexit. 

If UK based, there are alternative UK suppliers available for you to order from with the same 10% discount applied.

Checklist for Tests & Investigations

If you’ve ever found it frustrating trying to figure out what your test results mean and whether the reference ranges are ideal for fertility, then this is the guide for you!

(€97 value)

What you’ll get:

Bonus 04

Know what's normal and what's not. All of the standard test reference ranges are outlined for the main tests that you would expect to complete for hormones, cardiovascular, glucose & iron markers, full blood count, nutrients and sperm parameters.


Understand the research behind the optimal ranges for fertility, which can be wildly different to the 'standard' ranges! All of the research links are clickable so you can see for yourself that the ranges are evidence-based.


Save yourself the stress of wondering whether you should be pushing your doctor for additional testing and the anxiety about whether your results are really as good as you've been told they are. 

Targeted Supplement Guide

This guide will be particularly useful if you have a particular group of symptoms and would like some more targeted, yet all-encompassing supplement support. The goal here is to enhance your fertility potential by addressing root cause factors, which might otherwise go overlooked.

(€97 value)

What you’ll get:

Bonus 05

Learn about the 'non-negotiable's'. The group of nutrients that are essential to optimising your fertility potential. 

Understand the nutrient combinations which best support blood sugar and hormone balance. 

What does the research say about conceiving over 40 and the most crucial nutrients that may help to support your egg quality and mitochondrial function. 

Coping with painful endometriosis. What specific combination of anti-inflammatory nutrients could make a significant difference to your symptoms. 

PCOS is a complex, metabolic condition, which is not due to your BMI. Learn about the nutrient combinations that have been shown in the evidence to make the biggest difference to this condition. 

Thyroid dysfunction. Understand the factors which typically underpin this extremely common endocrine issue and be able to follow a protocol with a solid evidence-base that has been shown to reduce symptoms of this condition.

Sperm quality protocols. Learn about the specific combinations of nutrients that work best for particular sperm quality issues (e.g. low count, low motility or suboptimal morphology) and also the particular protocols that researchers have found to be most beneficial for elevated sperm DNA fragmentation levels. 

Lifestyle symptoms. Whether it be bloating, difficulty sleeping, elevated stress levels or sugar cravings, you will find there is a protocol to help you address these issues. 

Pregnancy. If you discover that you are pregnant during, or after the program, rest assured you will have access to a protocol with the most evidence based formulas to see you safely through the months ahead.

Does this sound like the approach you have been looking for?

6 Monthly Payments

6 monthly payments of €197

Pay in full & save

1 payment of €997

Top tier 1-2-1 support

Includes MSOM program, plus full case review, consultation,

& bespoke recommendations

little feet.png

Hi Jessica,

Hope you are keeping well!


Wanted to let you know you have another success story!!


The twins arrived 3 weeks ago (sorry I am only getting in touch now, the time seems to have evaporated since they arrived)


We have one beautiful little girl and handsome little fella! Who arrived at 32 weeks.


Both are in the special care baby unit while they get a bit bigger and work on their feeding but the team there are super happy with how they are progressing and every day are getting stronger so we can't ask for more! 


Just wanted to say thank you for helping making our dreams come through, we honestly wouldn't have them without all your help.

(Message received Oct'2022)

Natalie Daly- baby pic for MSOM- Jan 2023.jpg
little feet.png

 “Just sending a little message to say that we’re just gone past the 12 week mark!! I am so unbelievably grateful and happy! Everything seems to be going very well! Baby has a strong heartbeat and everything is developing well so far! After following you for a few months on Instagram and doing fertility reset and also the amazing MSOM course I cannot THANK YOU enough for all of your information, help, knowledge and support!! I feel so much more confident and knowledgeable myself going forward!”

(message received Nov' 2022- baby due in June 2023)

Alisha Ruane- baby scan- testimonial for use in MSOM Jan 2023.jpeg
little feet.png

Hi Jessica,


I hope you are keeping well and all your ventures are going brilliantly as always!


I am beyond thrilled to tell you that our son, was born on Thursday 22nd September (2022). We were lucky to have another straight-forward and enjoyable labour after a very normal and healthy pregnancy - I pushed him out in 7 minutes which I am very proud of!


I cannot thank you enough for all your help, advice, support and kindness to help us fall pregnant naturally, which as you know was always my wish and hope. This time last year I was hung up on all the supposed ''concerns'' that came with falling pregnant at my age, yet you helped me expel them all and helped me tune into myself and my beliefs. And here I am now, turning 42 this Friday, with a second happy, healthy child.

Everything you do - your work, your passion, your empathy, your fight for what is right, your endless willingness to help others - is unmatched by anyone else and so hugely needed. I would encourage any of your followers who are in any doubt to put their trust in you and then in themselves. My gut feeling always told me to work with you before going down any assisted route with a fertility clinic and wow am I glad I followed my gut - we were just another file to the fertility clinic but we were a couple to you, so thank you for listening to us.


I best stop gushing about you now as I could go on for ages!! But know that anyone I speak to who is struggling with their fertility journey, I am pointing them in your direction 


Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts,

(message received Oct' 2022 from MSOM alumni of Sept' 2021)

Lara Werno-baby pic-MSOM Jan 2023.jpg

Making Sense of Miscarriage™ is the perfect option for you if…












You’re tired of wondering why your pregnancies aren’t continuing and having your concerns disregarded by the very people who you thought were supposed to be helping you.


You’re getting stressed about time passing and you want to take action NOW, to get a better understanding of what could be getting in the way of a healthy pregnancy.


You’ve been blaming yourself or your body for failing you and you really want to escape the destructive rut of self-doubt.


You’d like a fresh approach, that you know is evidence based, but also, which goes a step further, to help you understand how to apply the science to YOUR particular case.


You’re sick of second-guessing yourself and wondering whether the advice you received from a friend/neighbour/colleague or internet forum is really going to help you or not.


You’re confused about the type of foods that are most likely to support you as you work towards your goal and you don’t want to spend endless hours in the kitchen.


You’re afraid to conceive again….terrified in fact, and you would like to have the support of others who know exactly what this feels like.


You’ve been told to go for IVF treatment to ‘fix’ your fertility issues, but you can’t understand why you would do that, as your struggle is with staying pregnant, not getting pregnant.


You are perplexed by the endless assortment of research on the topic of miscarriage and you just want someone to sort through the noise for you, so you can take action, instead of freezing, due to sheer overwhelm.


You’ve been told that donor eggs are the answer, but your gut instinct is telling you there’s something else going on.


You want to feel confident about getting pregnant again…. maybe even a little bit excited, as you begin to allow yourself to visualise that baby in your arms.

If you’ve said “yes” to even 3 of the above, then I look forward to supporting you inside Making Sense of Miscarriage™


Imagine how you could be feeling in just 6 short weeks……


Having a true understanding of WHY you may be at higher risk for pregnancy loss


Feeling confident about what to ask your doctor to investigate so that you can clear up any of those ‘grey’ areas


Having the information and the tools you need to feel truly prepared for trying to conceive again.


Feeling lighter, because you’ve let go of the huge burden of trying to figure out everything  by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to your burning questions

  • If I join the list am I guaranteed entry into the program?
    By joining the MSOM wait-list, it means you will be given first option for booking into the program. It also means that you will be the first to hear about early bird enrolment, special additional bonuses and have the option to upgrade to 1-2-1 consultation (depending on availability) before the slots are made available to the public. Due to the high level support of MSOM™, I can't guarantee entry into the program, as there is only a limited number of places available. However, having your name on the list and signing up as soon as you are given the opportunity is the best way to secure your place and avoid any disappointment.
  • Do I have to have suffered a miscarriage to join this program?
    You are absolutely free to join us! This is because the factors that are known to impact recurrent unsuccessful implantation, primary or secondary fertility issues have huge overlap with the factors impacting pregnancy loss risk. Every pregnancy requires three key criteria; a healthy egg, healthy sperm and a healthy internal environment. All the possible variables that impact these vital aspects of pregnancy success are covered in detail within MSOM. You will also have the benefit of being more informed about what to watch out for when you do conceive, as there are few things more heartbreaking in life then to be waiting many years to conceive, only to have it end in miscarriage. Taking action at this stage could speed up your time to pregnancy and help to minimise your risk of pregnancy loss.
  • Q: When does the course begin and how long will I have access to it?
    As soon as you sign up, you’ll be given IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the introductory module - Breaking down the Myths & Misconceptions about Miscarriage. Each module thereafter will be released on Friday morning. You will have FULL ACCESS to all of the course materials for the life-time of the course, to see you through to your next pregnancy and beyond. The course officially begins in early September and will run for 6 weeks. I will be actively monitoring and participating in the the anonymous community support group for the duration of the 6 weeks of MSOM. After that, the community group will still be available to you for another 6 weeks after the program completion so that you can continue to support one another and discuss what you have learnt throughout the program.
  • Q: How much time will I need to put aside for the course materials?
    You will be able to watch the videos and review any handouts for each module within roughly an hour each week. You can access the materials from a smart phone, tablet or PC, whenever is most convenient for you on the handy course app. The weekly live Q & A sessions are at least an hour long and usually run over time because I don't stop until everyone has their questions answered! These Q & A's are time-stamped and uploaded to your portal on Friday morning so you can watch them back at a time that suits and skip to the question that you are most interested in.
  • Q: Can you guarantee that I will have a successful pregnancy?
    Sadly, no one can offer that kind of guarantee and frankly, if they did, you should run a mile! Pregnancy loss is complex and there are usually multiple variables at play, so it’s impossible for any pregnancy to be 100% absent of all risk. However, by being properly informed of the primary risk factors and knowing what action to take to help minimise your risk, you are far more likely to go on to have a healthy pregnancy. This is evidenced by the many hundred's of successful cases I have supported over the past 18 years.
  • Q: What if I become pregnant at the start of the program?
    Don't worry, I have your back! I have included a quick action plan in the introductory module for what tests to ask for and steps to take, if you have just discovered that you are pregnant again and are worried about suffering another miscarriage. You will also find pregnancy specific protocols within the targeted supplement guide and optimal test ranges for pregnancy within the test list & reference ranges guide. For any of the previous MSOM alumni who discovered they were pregnant during the 6 weeks of the program, they were still able to ask all of the questions during the weekly Q & A's and receive support from myself and others within the community support group. Remember the goal is to help you to succeed, and to have a smooth, uncomplicated pregnancy!
  • Q: What makes this program different from any other miscarriage course out there?
    Most programs on miscarriage primarily focus on managing grief and emotions surrounding loss, which is certainly very important, but what people really need is to find answers! I break down the scientific evidence so that it is easy for you to understand, as overwhelm is one of the biggest issues that people face when dealing with pregnancy loss. You will see how taking an integrated approach to your case (I.e. a fusion of the allopathic and functional medical paradigms) will significantly increase your odds of success, while also keeping your sanity intact! The high level of support within this program is a key selling point because I will be right there, chatting with you inside the anonymous support group every day, answering any questions you might have, while also taking a deep-dive into each module topic during the weekly live Q & A sessions.
  • Q: What is your training and background?
    My primary degree was Law, followed by training in acupuncture, clinical medicine and nutritional therapy, as well as post-graduate certification at 6th People’s Hospital in Shanghai. I have completed advanced fertility training with Zita West and Dr. Olivia Pojer and completed my dissertation on the topic of male factor infertility due to reactive oxygen species. I have delivered numerous talks on the topic of fertility alongside medical professionals and also solo for corporate and fertility specific events.(e.g. Fertility show Dublin & London) Over the years I have featured as the 'ask the expert' on and websites, been interviewed for radio, TV and podcasts, given a TEDx talk, co-authored a cookbook with my brother and had an article published in the British Journal of Family Medicine on the topic of dietary management for PCOS. I believe in fertility equality & access for all, regardless of your BMI, ethnicity or sexual orientation. I want you to be able to advocate properly for the care that you deserve, instead of having your queries or concerns dismissed. After almost 20 years working solely in the area of reproductive health, I wanted to make my knowledge and expertise more easily accessible and bring it to a wider audience, which is why I created Making Sense of Miscarriage™.
  • Q. Is MSOM suitable for someone dealing with PCOS or endometriosis?
    Yes, very much so. PCOS and endometriosis and two of the most common chronic, metabolic conditions, which are also known to have a detrimental effect on a person's ability to get or stay pregnant. You will find very detailed information about both of these conditions within module 2 on Hormone Imbalance, as well as throughout the other modules discussing blood flow, the internal environment and immune function. There are also specific diet and supplement recommendations offered for the various symptoms that tend to accompany these conditions. It's very important to understand that PCOS and endometriosis can have very far reaching consequences for your overall health, as well as for your fertility potential. That is why you will find such detailed information on these topics, which is expanded upon within the community group and weekly Q & A sessions, to ensure you know the next best steps to take.
  • Q. What if I can't make it to the Live Q & A sessions?
    That's no problem at all, as I fully understand that we all have busy lives. If you can't make it the live session, you will be able to submit your questions in advance via email. The recording of the live Q & A session will be timestamped, with all of the questions clearly labelled and categorised for you to refer back to the next day. Don't forget, you'll also be able to ask questions within the community group, but the live Q & A sessions will be reserved for those deeper, more detailed queries that would require more time for me to respond to.
  • Q: Will the recipe plans have options for me, if I follow a plant-based diet or have other dietary restrictions?
    The majority of recipes shared within the plan will be predominantly plant focused, with high quality protein choices, as well as being gluten or dairy free. This is because it is easy to adapt any of the recipes to add in your chosen animal protein, gluten or dairy containing product should you choose to. I opted to do this because I know that many of you struggle to incorporate more fibre and plant-based options into your diets, so I wanted to offer as many options as possible. Please note that the suggested diet plans are not intended to be prescriptive, but rather to serve as inspiration for different dishes you might like to try, that are aligned to the module topic that is being discussed. You will also find vegetarian/vegan equivalents for the supplements recommendations provided within each of the modules.
  • Q: Will I have direct access to you for questions?
    Making Sense of Miscarriage™ is a self study program. However, I will be answering your course-related questions every Thursday evening within the private group Q & A and also checking in daily within the private community group to address any queries you might have, or to guide you on the module materials. This means you will have 6 weeks of ongoing support within the community group, with more detailed questions being addressed in the private, live weekly Q & A sessions. Please note that due to legal reasons, very specific or individualised advice would require upgrading to a 1-2-1 consultation. There is only very limited availability for this option.
  • Q: Can I take part in Making Sense of Miscarriage™, if I’m not based in Ireland?
    Yes, absolutely! The root causes of pregnancy loss are the same, regardless of where you live. Any difference in lab reference ranges by country will be noted and options for where to source professional grade supplements will be given. (e.g. for those based in Australia, America, UK).

Here’s what’s included when you enrol today

Making Sense of Miscarriage™ (€1,997 value)

6 weeks of detailed video tutorials that you can watch whenever suits, on your tablet or smartphone.


Step-by-step information and support in the form of PDF’s and checklists to ensure that you stay on track and avoid any overwhelm.


6 weeks of delicious recipes & meal plans to support you in your recovery from pregnancy loss & to help you to prepare for conceiving again, with each recipe plan tailored to suit the module topic being covered that week.


6 weeks of Live Q & A sessions inside the Making Sense of Miscarriage™ private support group- (€575 value)


Expert interviews- (€200 value)


10% practitioner discount on professional-grade supplements

Checklist for Tests & Investigations (€97 value)

Targeted supplement guide with specific symptom support (€97 value)

Total Value - €2,966!



With enrolment today, you’ll be given access to everything for just

6 Monthly Payments

6 monthly payments of €197

Pay in full & save

1 payment of €997

Top tier 1-2-1 support

Includes MSOM program, plus full case review, consultation,

& bespoke recommendations

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