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Post-Natal Care

The weeks and months after you give birth are an important time to pay attention to your health and ensure that you recover properly after the delivery and have the energy you need to mind your new baby. 


This is easier said than done, as many women find they are so busy taking care of their newborn that their own needs tend to go overlooked. However, it is worth remembering that if your are taking care of your physical and emotional health you will be better placed to give your baby the care and attention that he or she needs. 


Some common problems that women may experience after pregnancy are;


Post-natal depression- the 'baby-blues' is common for 60-70% of women as hormone levels return to their pre-pregnancy levels, but this is distinct from post-natal depression, where emotional disturbance is much more pronounced. Nutrient deficiency can be a contributing factor as pregnancy drains your resources, leaving many women feeling depleted after the initial euphoria of giving birth has abated. 


Poor healing of C-section wounds, episiotomy or perineal tear- correct nutrition can make a big difference to wound healing as a deficiency in the nutrients needed for skin repair will slow the recovery process. Acupuncture is also extremely useful for wound healing as it is known to increase collagen production and skin elasticity. 


Engorgement of the milk ducts, difficulty breast-feeding, cracked nipples or mastitis- breast-feeding is a simple act, yet many women find it challenging and this is nothing to be ashamed of. One of the most important things to do is to ensure that you are feeling supported and if this means seeking the advice of a lactation consultant then 


Sore joints or back problems- respond very well to acupuncture treatment. 


Haemorrhoids or constipation- it can take a while for bowel function to normalise after giving birth and if you are dealing with the discomfort of haemorrhoids, then constipation is more likely to occur. A high fibre diet, along with plenty of water should help alleviate discomfort, in comibination with some light stretching exercises to assist gut peristalsis. 


Difficulty regaining your pre-pregnancy figure- Please note, weight loss should not be a primary focus within the first few months post-natally, but if you feel your body is not recovering the way you would expect after 4-6 months than a nutrition consultation or acupuncture treatment may be of benefit to you.



A consultation within the first 6 weeks post-natally, to discuss the nutritional needs of mother and baby creates a solid foundation for her recovery, especially if a subsequent pregnancy is planned within a short-term frame of delivery. e.g. starting to try for another baby within the first year. 


Acupuncture treatment may also be recommended depending on the nature of your particular health complaint. 


For more information on post-natal treatment packages please click here. 



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