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This first trimester is widely acknowledged as being the most challenging stage of pregnancy, both emotionally and physically.


You may be dealing with some of the classic symptoms of early pregnancy such as morning sickness, constipation or fatigue. On the other hand, you may be feeling no symptoms at all and are worried that something may be wrong with the pregnancy because you aren't feeling nauseous!


It can be a testing time for many women and well-meaning advice from friends and family or relying on information you find on-line may only add to your confusion.


An early Pregnancy consultation provides you with up-to-date information and professional nutrition advice that is tailored to your specific case. Any secondary health issues that may affect the pregnancy will be taken into account to ensure that you can maintain optimal health for yourself and your baby for the duration of the pregnancy and the post-natal period.


Acupuncture during the first trimester may be useful to alleviate symptoms of morning sickness, constipation, insomnia. It may also help to stabilise your hormones to reduce the likelihood of miscarriage and to manage any anxiety or headaches that you may be experiencing. 


If you have previously experienced a miscarriage than you may wish to refer to the recurrent miscarriage page for more information. 


If you would like to book an early Pregnancy consultation please click here



Pregnancy-the first trimester


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"I would not be pregnant now were it not for Jessica.  I can say that with certainty because not only did she give me the nutritional advice and acupuncture treatment I needed to prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy, she also managed to diagnose a medical condition that was preventing me from getting pregnant in the first place - something that two top consultants had missed."

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