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Fertility Acupuncture

There is an increasing body of research indicating that fertility acupuncture is a viable and useful treatment option for a wide-variety of gynaecological and obstetric issues. 


While the core focus is to address your fertility complaint, it is not uncommon for secondary health issues to improve also. This is because chinese medicine takes a wholistic view of the body and if you are able to acheive good overall health, you are more likely to have better fertility potential as well. 


Only the highest quality Seirin brand needles are used during acupuncture treatments to ensure maximum comfort for the patient, who typically describe the sensation of needle insertion as 'painless', 'tingly', or as 'leaving a heavy and relaxed sensation in the muscles'. It is not uncommon to fall asleep during treatment such are the soporific effects of the acupuncture points. 


More stimulating treatments using electro-acupuncture with a TENS machine may be used to increase circulation of blood to the uterus and ovaries. These treatments are still very relaxing, however it may take a few minutes to get used to the pulsing sensation of the TENS machine when attached to the needles. Live ultrasound scans of acupuncture treatment have demonstrated a surge of blood flow to the uterus when properly administered, which ensures nutrient and oxygen rich blood is available to the egg follicles during development and to the endometrial lining when it start to thicken during the late follicular phase. 


For more information on fertility acupuncture treatment and how it may benefit your case, please click here. 



"I went for fertility acupuncture with Jessica Bourke and got positive results within the first month  of treatment. I discovered I was pregnant after the first 3 sessions. The treatment sessions were painless, relaxing and highly informative. As well as the acupuncture I also received advice on nutrition and prenatal care. I would strongly recommend going for a consultation with Jessica at her clinic as the results are amazing."

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