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Making Sense of Miscarriage

If you've been trying to conceive and have suffered the huge upset of pregnancy loss, then you may well have heard the frustrating phrase, 'It's just bad luck, try again'.


There is a lot more to miscarriage risk than you might have been told. I've created this quiz to help you to identify what the root cause factors might be, which could be increasing your risk of experiencing another miscarriage in the future. 

In just ten quick questions, you'll see the evidence-based areas that may need to considered, while you decide on the next steps to take on this difficult journey. 

I fully understand the frustration of not knowing where to turn or being told that you have to wait until you have suffered three pregnancy losses before being able to take any action.

You don't have to wait. There is a huge amount of research in this area and it's my job to help you to connect the dots, so that you can start to really make sense of miscarriage. 

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