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Consultations for Fertility and Pregnancy //

For men and women, it is advisable to begin a specified health protocol 3-4 months in advance of conception. This will increase the chances of conception if trying naturally and also gives you a greater chance of success if using assisted reproductive methods. 


During pregnancy, most women are justifiably concerned with the health of the developing embryo and doing everything possible to positively influence the health of their future baby. Many medications are not safe to take during pregnancy, hence natural therapies such as nutrition and acupuncture may be considered as an effective, yet safe alternative. 

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Where natural conception is possible, the aim of a fertility consultation is to ensure that no area of your health has been left unchecked. 

Anatomical investigations may be advised to ensure that the sperm are able to meet the egg and that nothing is preventing implantation from happening.


Lab testing may also be recommended to check if there are any hormonal, cardiovascular or immune issues reducing the likelihood of conception or putting you at risk for miscarriage when you do manage to conceive.


An individualised protocol will be compiled to address any areas of concern and would be e-mailed to you within 5 working days.

The same process would apply to your partner, if male factor fertility was an issue.

Natural Fertility Consultations  //
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If you require assisted fertility treatment then you possibly have issues with advanced maternal/paternal age, a long history of trying to conceive and a more complex medical case history. 


Ensuring proper investigation and a systematic elimination of all factors that could prevent a successful result is a crucial part of the preparation process. 


Common areas for evaluation would include; 


- Cardiovascular markers/Thrombophilia risk (e.g. blood clotting) 

- Immune Dysfunction (e.g. auto-immune conditions) & Sub-clinical infections

- Endocrine Issues (e.g. Thyroid, Adrenal, Ovarian Hypofunction) 

- Anatomical issues arising from gynaecological complaints (e.g. Endometriosis)

- Metabolic Disorders (eg. blood sugar dysregulation, Type 2 Diabetes, IBD)



Assisted Fertility Consultations  //
fertility acupuncture dublin, natural induction dublin, pregnancy acupuncture dublin, alternative fertility treatment dublin
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Pregnancy is both a joyous, yet an anxious time, particularly for those who have a history of miscarriage. There are often numerous symptoms to contend with that differ depending on the stage of pregnancy you are at. 


First Trimester- regular scans or blood tests may be recommended if you have had early pregnancy losses in the past. Acupuncture may be used to address symptoms such as nausea, migraine, fatigue, anxiety, constipation etc. 

A nutrition consultation would cover all of the nutrient needs for you & your baby during each stage of pregnancy.


Second & Third Trimester- most women feel better in the latter stages of pregnancy but musculo-skeletal issues may become a problem as the baby increases in size. Physical complaints such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, symphis pubis diastis or back pain, may all be effectively and safely treated with acupuncture. 


Assuming there are no contraindications (e.g. high blood pressure, multiples or infection) breech presentation babies may be turned using acupuncture and moxabustion from 32 weeks. 


Natural induction of labour with the use of acupuncture treatment is becoming a popular choice for women. It stimulates the release of pain killing endorphins and triggers the on-set of contractions, without increasing the likelihood of medical intervention. Click here fore more information. 

Pregnancy Consultations  //
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