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Patient Treatment Pathway //

Patients may self-refer or be referred by a health professional for a consultation. 


For some patients, only relatively minor interventions may be required, while other cases may be far more complex and require more comprehensive investigation to get to the source of the problem.


Initial Consultation.


The aim of this first consultation is to get a detailed overview of both partner's medical case histories so that recommendations may be made for additional testing (if required). You will also be advised on whether natural conception is a possibility for you, or if you are already availing of Assisted Fertility treatment methods, you will be advised on how to increase your chances of success for your forthcoming cycle. 


It is advisable to have both partners present for this consultation, however of course, this isn't applicable if you are a single woman aiming to conceive via donor sperm . 


For those based outside Dublin or who don't have the time to commute, the consultation may easily be conducted via video call or telephone instead, if preferred.


This 90 minute consultation is based on advance completion of a questionnaire which is extremely detailed, taking into account any test results that have recently been completed. It is followed up with an e-mailed case report, which provides you with a tailored protocol to address your specific presenting complaint. The protocol will also include advice with regard to any secondary health conditions that may be implicated with your fertility issues. Dietary changes, lifestyle, professional grade supplement and testing recommendations would also be included in your case report. 


A follow-up consultation would normally be scheduled for 6-8 weeks later so that amendments may be made to your protocol and any further test results may be reviewed and discussed with regard to your fertility and overall health.


Acupuncture treatment-may be recommended to help regulate your menstrual cycle, to alleviate the symptoms of gynaecological conditions (E.g. endometriosis) or to prepare for natural or assisted conception cycles. If undergoing an IVF cycle, acupuncture treatment is advisable in the lead up to IVF and particularly during the pre & post embryo transfer stage to increase the chances of a successful implantation.


​Men may also benefit from treatment, as research has documented the benefits of acupuncture for sperm quality, improved fertilisation rates and improved embryo quality, even in cases of numerous failed ICSI cycles.


Acupuncture is very useful during each phase of pregnancy. It may be used for dealing with first trimester symptoms such as nausea and fatigue, back pain or sciatica in the second trimester or for turning breech babies and naturally inducing labour at the end of the third trimester. Post-natal recovery, particularly for patients who have had a C-section delivery, may be greatly improved with regular acupuncture treatments. 





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