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The Miscarriage Recovery Pod
 is a FREE 5-day online retreat, designed to help you to cope with your grief, while gaining evidence-based support and guidance for how to heal, so that you can maximise your chances of having a successful pregnancy in the future.

Your emotional and physical recovery are of paramount importance, as this will ensure that you are best prepared for trying to conceive, but the problem is knowing where to begin? 

If you've suffered a pregnancy loss, whether it was an early chemical pregnancy, ectopic, missed or late term miscarriage, then you'll know how crucial it is to have proper support in the aftermath of such a huge upset.

This free event will run from Saturday 22nd - Wednesday 26th April, with daily emails sent out each morning with helpful information about that day's topic, followed by a LIVE zoom chat at 1pm, so we can have a deeper discussion about the content you received, chat about how you are coping and you will also have the opportunity to ask me your questions.

Here is how the Miscarriage Recovery Pod will help you..











The goal is to tackle the key areas that most people really struggle with after suffering a miscarriage; 
Day 1- Dealing with griefit is vitally important to acknowledge the intense emotions that you may be feeling after going through a miscarriage, so that you will be better prepared for trying to conceive again. 

Day 2-  Finding Equilibrium- it can feel like you're in a tailspin after suffering the trauma of a pregnancy loss, so re-establishing balance in your life is fundamental to being able to make progress on your fertility journey. 

Day 3- Nourishing your Body & Soul- supporting your physical health will improve your mental health, as deficits in either of these areas, will impact the other. This is where we will discuss ways to replenish your nutrient reserves and re-establish the fertile mindset that you will need, in order to feel optimistic about trying to conceive again. 

Day 4 - Assessing your situation- you know your body best and you know what factors in your daily life might be impacting your overall health and fertility potential. This is where we take some time to review areas that could be impacting your chances of carrying a pregnancy to term. If conceiving with a sperm-producing partner, please bear in mind that the sperm quality also has a crucial role to play in pregnancy success. 

Day 5 -  Moving on with confidence- moving on from what has happened to you, doesn't mean that your baby-to-be didn't matter. This process should never be about 'trying to forget', but rather, by acknowledging your pain and gathering helpful information, you should be better able to take those crucial next steps towards the kind of pregnancy that you have been dreaming of.

"Thanks for putting this all together. Makes it more tangible and feel stronger to advocate for myself."

"This has been so positive for me to reconnect with my fertility journey since my loss, just all the content has really given me a much more positive outlook on getting in gear to try again"

"Thank you Jessica, I hope you know how much this means. You have been amazing! Thank you so much"

"This has made me decide to do more investigations following my first miscarriage with IVF rather than go straight into the next one as suggested by the clinic."

 If you've been feeling like you are lost at sea, then it is my goal to be your anchor, because after working in this field for nearly 18 years, there isn't much I haven't heard or seen.

I know that pregnancy loss is not just 'bad luck'.

You need to trust that niggling thought at the back of your mind that says 'something must have been missed!'..... because you are probably right.

If you have been told that you have to 'wait until you've had three miscarriages' before you take any action to figure out what might be going on, then the Miscarriage Recovery Pod is definitely for you.

I look forward to supporting you during this difficult time in your life. Simply enter your details in the form above and I'll see you there!

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