The simplest changes, can make the biggest difference

Are you trying to conceive or are in the middle of IVF treatment? This might sound obvious, but at this time of year, I cannot overemphasise how important it is to not only keep warm, but to also keep your circulation moving properly. Case in point; a patient of mine was in clinic the other day as she is preparing for her IVF cycle and I've been giving her specialised acupuncture treatments to improve her lining thickness, which historically has lead to her cycles being cancelled. Apart from the lining issue, she hadn't had any embryos make to day 5, so that was her primary concern as there's no use having a thick lining, if you've no embryos to transfer! Thankfully, on her most recent treat

Worried about conceiving over 35?

Worried to death about conceiving because you've now reached your mid-30's? I just wanted to have a quick rant about this issue after consulting with a lovely couple this evening who are dealing with secondary infertility. They had conceived their son naturally, a couple of years ago, but in spite of numerous investigations, fertility medications and 1 IVF cycle, still no joy. When queried on how they were both feeling about it all, the woman told me she was feeling like she was 'near the end'. I said, 'you mean, of trying naturally?', to which she responded, 'No, of trying at all, as I'm 35 this year, so maybe that's it for me'. This is something I hear all too often and the media have a lo

Where is the equality in the fertility industry?

The place of feminism in the world of fertility In the aftermath of the world wide, women's movement that took place in various cities across the globe last Saturday, many were left feeling emboldened and a little bit more hopeful about the future. Yet in the midst of all these powerful, female voices (as well as many supportive male voices too), there were those that felt understandably saddened and disappointed, to think that it had really come to this. These actions did not arise simply because an orange faced, misogynistic, dictatorial leader was taking over Americas highest office. It was just the straw that broke the camel's back. The current discourse taking place in the media about w

Forget 'detox' diets... nourish your body to get pregnant instead

So how's January been going for you so far? Have you been wondering about your diet habits and what you should be doing differently? Or are you thinking of doing some kind of 'detox' over the coming weeks in order to help your fertility? Since starting back to work last week, many of my patients have been asking me about this popular January trend and I think it's an important topic to address because it can cause so much confusion! How is a 'detox' diet different from nourishing my body? The main problem with so-called detox diets is that are utterly generic, so they are not based on your own specific needs. A detox takes no account of your medical history, your nutrient needs, what backgro

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