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Acupuncture endorsed by leading fertility consultant

Prof. Fishel ruffled more than a few feathers recently when he commented that women in Ireland should be trying for a baby at a younger age to minimise their risk of dealing with fertility problems in the future.

However, on his Ireland AM interview this morning, he did point out that ageing also affects male fertility, as it can impact the health of the offspring, not just the ability of the woman to conceive.

So I'm glad to see he has levelled the playing field a little ;)

In the Q & A session, he answered numerous questions sent in by viewers, including one question from a woman who was wondering whether acupuncture could be beneficial to her fertility as she had been trying for a year already, with no joy.

His response was that acupuncture was 'the one' complementary therapy that had been shown to benefit fertility. Although he couldn't say why, this is a great first step, in the move towards a more integrated medical system and ensuring the best outcomes for patients who are trying for a baby.

How can acupuncture support my fertility and help me conceive?

There is a sound scientific evidence base behind the use of acupuncture for fertility and I have seen first hand in my practice how instrumental it can be in whether a patient succeeds or not.

For example;

Improving a thin endometrial lining

Prof. Fishel discussed this in his first video as being a common issue for women when they first come of the contraceptive pill. Acupuncture is extremely effective at increasing circulation to the uterus to improve the lining thickness & quality, something that is also of particular importance during IVF treatment, as the medications used to boost egg growth can have a negative impact on the lining quality.

Improving egg count and quality

Many women struggle with the amount of eggs that mature each month. This problem is applicable to natural conception, where follicle tracking is used to gauge the progress of the eggs, as well as with IVF treatment, where the response of the eggs to stimulating medications is of paramount importance. Acupuncture stimulates blood flow to the ovaries, which ensures the nutrients and hormones within the blood are able to get to where they are needed most at the crucial stage of egg development.

Increasing the chances of success with IVF

One of the most widely known benefits of acupuncture treatment for fertility issues, is that it can more than double the odds of implantation post-embryo transfer during IVF treatment. When you consider that the percentage chance of success on an average IVF cycle is 1 in 4 (23-25%), doubling this percentage to a 46% chance of success or higher, really makes a huge difference.

Don't waste time, take action now!

When you consider the time and money that so many invest in trying to conceive, availing of a proven therapy such as acupuncture, which will in all likelihood improve your overall health, as well as your fertility, makes perfect sense. There really is nothing to lose, yet everything to be gained.

However, do make sure that you seek out a practitioner who has a proven track record in this area to ensure you receive the best quality care and treatment.

(Click on the image above to watch the Q & A video recording)

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