Don't suffer in silence

According to recent research by the VHI, Irish people are still very disinclined to talk about fertility. The reality is that with problems conceiving, it is usually due to a combination of factors. e.g. sperm quality issues due to nutrient deficiencies, along with hormonal imbalance in the female due to stress and lack of sleep, coupled with a history of UTI's etc.. etc.. People tend to feel shame and guilt when it comes to fertility issues, yet probably wouldn't feel the same away about any other health condition e.g. heart disease, diabetes, asthma How many people casually talk about their cholesterol levels and statin medication, when a cardiovascular problem could actually kill them, ye

The truth about 'diet' food products

Recently, I have seen a number of patients with something in common, other than their fertility issues,... a love of fizzy drinks. These are women who are seemingly conscious of eating healthily, aren't skipping breakfast, are trying to eat more vegetables, healthy fats, lean protein etc.. Yet when quizzed about their daily liquid intake, it turns out that fizzy drinks, not water, are top of the list. "But don't worry, I always choose the 'diet' version, never the one's that are full of sugar". This fallacy has to stop. Artificial sweeteners are known to have a myriad of negative health effects on the body. A recent piece of research has found that aspartame actually blocks an enzyme that is

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