The 'all or nothing' approach to diet and lifestyle

So often when I see patients in clinic they inform me that they can't understand why they are having trouble losing weight and improving their fertility even though they have recently started to follow a "supremely healthy" eating plan. When queried further, many of these women have a history of yo-yo dieting, binge/purge cycles where they followed the latest diet plan, achieved results through strict calorie restriction for a couple of weeks and then watched the weight pile back when they finally lost the resolve to continue with such a stringent and impractical diet plan. This is not being healthy, this is sheer torture. Based on my clinical experience over the years, with both men and wom

Healthy eating doesn't need to be boring!

In this short promo video that my brother and I did when we launched the Guilt Free Gourmet cook book you will get a sneak peek of some of the alternative ingredients that may be used to create healthier versions of your favourite dishes. Yes, even brownies can be on the menu when you are eating a wide array of other healthy dishes! A word of warning; the end scene in this video reminded me that these sticky, yummy brownies should not be consumed without a cup of tea handy as otherwise you run the risk of being incapable of speech for ten minutes while you chew ;) Enjoy!

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