Acupuncture endorsed by leading fertility consultant

Prof. Fishel ruffled more than a few feathers recently when he commented that women in Ireland should be trying for a baby at a younger age to minimise their risk of dealing with fertility problems in the future. However, on his Ireland AM interview this morning, he did point out that ageing also affects male fertility, as it can impact the health of the offspring, not just the ability of the woman to conceive. So I'm glad to see he has levelled the playing field a little ;) In the Q & A session, he answered numerous questions sent in by viewers, including one question from a woman who was wondering whether acupuncture could be beneficial to her fertility as she had been trying for a year al

The ultimate immune boosting tonic

Brrrr....this horrendous weather is really getting tiresome. The problem with the weather being mild one minute and freezing cold the next, is that you are much more prone to getting sick. While catching a cold is a nuisance at the best of times, when you are trying to conceive it can be a real problem. The importance of minding your immunity when trying to conceive For those of you going through IVF treatment, if you have even a slight fever, your transfer probably won't get the go-ahead and there is a good reason for this cautious approach. When trying to conceive naturally, as well as during IVF, your core body temperature and immune cell balance within the cervical and uterine environmen

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